Willy Decarpentrie
Senior level artist
Unity Certified
Montreal (QC) - 2018
(514) 714 - 8435
​​​The Forge Arena is a 5vs5 Competitive First Person Shooter on PC. ​
Our competitive game mode features a two phase round where both teams compete to gather points by completing certain objectives.
The Forge Arena will feature hundreds of weapons and cosmetics that will be obtainable and tradable through an intuitive marketplace. Our world class marketplace is brought to you by experienced Co-Founder of OPSkins, Artur Minacov.
I was in charge to create various weapons and especially to create some skins/cosmetics for each of them.
Each skin has a "extreme clean" and a "extreme dirty" version, there is an infinity of dirtiness value, that way each player can have different version of the same skin.

Here are some of the most representative weapos I've created.

AK47 Stylized weapon

P90 Stylized weapon

M1 Stylized weapon

stylized melee knifes